A Human-Sized Chess Match in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia.  This Game was Played by Two Chess-Masters of the Day.

Hoge Raad van de Kinderen


Knight / Horse Moves

Sometimes it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off.

— Haruki Murakami




THURSDAY 13 MAY 2021 1:00 PM



Black (nobility) has too many kings, but all of them are mated by one single move Sacred Law Of One.


The fence is off the Dam Square.  No crowd barriers.

Not an anonymous crowd. Not a Dam screamer. No audience.

The Living Man of flesh and blood and spirit is not "public".

Man is not a volunteer. Not a slave.

There are no sheep on the Dam because those who were present on the empty Dam Square are not the good Shepherd.

Those present are referred to as "public figures". Figures moving in repetitive patterns, chess pieces, white and black. All chessboard fields have a first name and a last name. There are letter and number marks on the edge of the chessboard . Each field has a letter as the first name and a number as the last name.

The figures who are present at the null and void Dam square, are referred to as “the First names”: the prominent public figures standing on the foreground on Dam Square. The king may move and capture one square in any direction forwards, backwards, left, right or diagonal.

There is something special about the king. The king must never be under attack. Attacking is when at the next chess turn one can capture the chess piece that one is attacking. So if an opponent's chess piece attacks your king, you have to walk away with your king or put a chess piece between your king and the attacker or capture the attacking chess piece so that your king is no longer under attack.

The (Dam) Dame, also called queen, may walk and capture several squares in all directions via a straight line, i.e. horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This makes the queen a very strong chess piece.

When a king is on the throne, his wife is given the title of queen. To be more precise: queen by marriage, queen consort, to make it clear that not she, but her husband is the constitutional monarch.

But if the monarch on the voided Dam is not the Good Shepherd, then who is the constitutional monarch?

On May 4 and 5, 2021, the liberating answer is given in clear patterns and figures.

This answer will enter  the books as a constitutional confession.

Meanwhile the resident of the territory's Sole Heir of the individual birth trust inheritance estate was at home. And home is private, private life is autonomous.

If the king stands in check on Dam Square and he cannot override the check in any way, then he is checkmate and has lost. The king loses if he cannot make any move to a square where he is not in check, or if the chess-making piece can be captured.

The object of chess is therefore to checkmate the opponent's king. At the same time, one wants to keep one’s own king as safe as possible.

And one’s own king, that is how the resident of the territory Sole Heir is defined. Distinction by origin and birth (age, gender) is not tolerated.

A constitutional monarch who is not a good shepherd has nowhere to go.

The Dutch legislation can therefore be found online under the name "Maxius Formerly Lexius". You heard that well: "Max before Lex" yes indeed in a figurative sense it really says: "Maxima formerly Alexander" and the abbreviation of "New Wettin (Legislation) Online" is, how else can it be: "NWO".

The New World Order is as old as the road to Rome, where Roman Justice – crooked court ruling has put an end to innocence presumption which means: guilty in advance.

The goals of the old world order are "sustainable" (with regard to preserve royalty that is!) because the king is in checkmate. And because the queen imagines  she is king and emperor, she is also in checkmate.

To no one’s surprise,  the New Wettin Online (NWO) laws and treaty overview presently known as: "Maxius before Lexius", the Universal Declaration of Human Rights treaty, which was entered into force on: December 10, 1948, was suddenly given a validity date per "May 5, 2021".

“Maxius formerly Lexius” added an entry to each of the thirty articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, reading: "enters into force at a time to be determined".

Why does Queen consort Maxius formerly Lexius state that the 30 articles of the Universal Rights of Man "enter into force at a time to be determined "?

Firstly, Lexius cannot possibly do what Maxius imagines he can, as the values of the kingdom of Lexius are:

  • Human rights
  • Legal certainty
  • Good governance


If human rights are the first value of the king Lexius kingdom, it can never be king chess piece Lexius who now states that the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights " enter into force at a time to be determined ".

What Lexius cannot possibly do, Maxius will!

For 73 years, from the effective date December 10, 1948 to the present, the Nazis have placed their Horses of Troye of the United Intruder Races (UIR) in the highest political positions within the United Nations and all other major human rights organizations to ensure that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights retained only advisory legal force instead of binding and generally valid worldwide law. The Troyan Horse tactics became known as Operation Paperclip.

Operation Paperclip is specifically intended to break trust in human rights and human rights organizations permanently, by having completely absurd and abject political figures implement, as excessively as possible, a political divide and conquer policy which is (Dam(n)) square opposite to each of the 30 articles of the Universal Human Rights.

Catholic "Maxius" and parallel anti Pope infiltrator Francis / Jorge Bergoglio, belongs to the Spanish Antichrist Church of Palmar de Troya! which canonized Franco, Hitler and Stalin and many other mass murderers, as “Saints”.

Maxima Maxius formerly Lexius, invokes her human right of religious freedom to abolish the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for the entire world.

On the Dam, Maxius and Lexius, according to tradition of ancestral patterns, have placed their statement: "freedom is not self-evident", because private, autonomous and financial (birth) trust (inheritance) wealthy, living man and women of flesh and blood and spirit cannot be kept as slaves.

On Liberation Day, May 5, 2021, Maxius expected to finally liberate her National Zionist caste from the thirty articles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights they despise and she chose Human Rights abolishment as a gift for king Lexius, who could not possibly do that himself because the Sole Heirs from 2018, reminded the king of the values ​​of his Kingdom of the Netherlands of which the first value vows to cherish the Human Rights.

Also, the Sole Heirs of 2018 reminded the king of the standing medical science that "dead and lost at sea" organs of "dead and lost at sea" residents of the territory Sole Heirs, are not suitable for organ transplantation.

King Lexius is checkmated, but King Maxius, together with anti-Pope infiltrator Bergoglio, is breaking dignified justice worldwide to forcibly impose the satanic Roman Sanhedrin Sharia crooked court ruling with its 12 most scandalous presumptions.


Maxius previously Lexius hoped that anyone who reads New Wettin (Legislation) Online (NWO) would interpret the validity date 5 May 2021 as the expiry date.

Morale would certainly break definitively, King Maxius calculated, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights permanently collapsed on Liberation Day, May 5, 2021, amid a pandemic of human rights violations called Corona / Covid.

After all, the Dutchman who, according to king Maxius, does not exist, tends to report to the murderous mijnRIVM with DigID and then unsubscribes indignantly.

King Maxius is clearly much, much smarter than "you were a little stupid" king Lexius. Not so smart was the activation of myRIVM instead of myTrustBelastingdienst by Maxius formerly Lexius, because RIVM activation has established that Maxius formerly Lexius is directly responsible for the attack on the Human Rights foundations of the nation state of king Lexius!

After all, RIVM strives for mandatory human-degrading, mutilating and experimental deadly vaccinations that violate human rights.

According to Maxius, articles of the Universal Rights of Human Rights that “enter into effect at a time to be determined” should read as, you guessed it: the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will “NEVER enter into effect at a time to be determined”!

The Nazis hope that we interpret the validity date May 5, 2021 as the expiration date.

Obviously, we won’t.

Validity date means that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has become definitively binding on May 5, 2021 and is no longer only advisory!

A true freedom celebration Liberation Day!

The day on which the Spanish-speaking king Maxius thought he had abolished the values ​​of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from the German king Lexius, the residents of the territory Sole Heirs chose May 5, 2021 as the final validity date on which the Universal Declaration of Human Living Man Rights entered into universally leading and binding legal principle effect.

Also the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Living Man Rights is now anchored in the Sacred Law of One.

We know the ingenuity of the NaZi “Natural”Company Rule of Law ultra vires and racketeering.

Those are the parties that cut down primeval forests; that offer myRIVM so that one can unsubscribe provided one registers first, those are the parties of "Vaccination Macht Frei" and let's break the glass ceiling (of the Dome!), let’s destroy humankind’s Living Man, animals and crops, ration oxygen, Land, Air and Water, deploy 5G bio weapons and chemtrail the sky to reach climate goals! 


The residents of the territory Sole Heirs have said farewell to these figures and destructive patterns.

The Ministry of Trust Loot and Land and For-reign Affairs of the Sole Heirs of the Supreme Council of the Children (SAC) will repatriate the captured individual birth trust inheritance estates and settle them in a strictly private manner.

Ministerial Executive organization BOSS / MAKER will soon be opening up the BOSS / MAKER Private CQV LLC Live Life Competence Knowledge Environment for study and private wealth shield settlement expertise.

The validity date May 5, 2021 of the Universal Declaration of Human Living Man Rights as a worldwide universally leading and binding legal principle under Sacred Law of One, was issued at DISCLOSURE / PRESS COMMUNIQUÉ 2/2021/05/05 in Original Quantum Eternal First Field Intelligence Record, by :

  • Supreme Authority of the Children
  • The Regent Emerald Covenant
  • The Suveran
  • For-reign Affairs of the Sole Heirs

The validity date of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Living Man) as a worldwide universally binding legal principle under Sacred Law of One, leads to:


  • cessation of corona racketeering
  • cessation of all infringements of individual living conditions
  • cessation of intrusion of physical, mental and spiritual integrity
  • end violation of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Living Man Rights
  • cessation of Roman law quilty in advance court ruling
  • cessation of the 12 presumptions of the Roman Court
  • cessation of practices of abuse, exploitation, slavery


Sacred Law Of One Team congratulates the world on the great decision to validate what is valid under Sacred Law of One.



So As It Is Spoken

So As It Is Done